This is intended to introduce our new USA based company, First International Oil Corporation (FIOC), along with the sponsors of this new venture. This brief outline also provides our preliminary
plans to acquire several exploration blocks in certain prospective areas in Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East, subject to our on‐going technical due diligence.
FIOC is a privately held USA corporation owned and managed by a small group of seasoned American oil company professionals and funded by certain, wealthy individuals and organizations. These
individuals formerly participated in several other successful energy related start‐ups which this group previously organized. It should also be noted that this company is using a previously proven corporate
vehicle, having the same name and some of the same management personnel, for a new set of investment objectives.
As a brief background history, FIOC was originally formed in 1996 by the undersigned and became a successful, privately owned oil exploration and development Company which acquired
significant oil and gas assets and operations in Kazakhstan. Several prominent international organizations and individuals were significant shareholders in the original FIOC, including the
International Finance Corporation (IFC) and several officers and directors of Merrill Lynch. In 2004, one of the China’s largest oil companies, Sinopec International, entered into a major purchase and sale
transaction with the owners of FIOC. Once that transaction with Sinopec was concluded, FIOC, the USA Corporation, was dissolved and thus, ceased to be an active enterprise until some of the former owners
and directors of FIOC restored it to life in 2011. At that time the owners of FIOC reactivated the Company’s registration in Delaware, USA.
As in the past, the Company remains privately owned by some of the original founders of FIOC, but with a revised mission. This same group of industry executives and financial sponsors previously
organized several other profitable natural resource related companies, both public and private. The new focus by FIOC will be on some of the more important oil and gas fields in Africa, Central Asia and the
Middle East. Specifically, the Company is looking to the Republic of Uganda, in Africa and the Republic of Iraq to acquire the Company’s first exploration and development projects. This new focus has been
shifted away from Kazakhstan and Central Asia generally, which has been prompted by the fact that these areas have now become a mature oil and gas producer, relatively void of new profitable
investment opportunities for small independent oil companies.
In an effort to move forward with FIOC’s new program, the Company has been introducing its plans and objectives to various individuals and organizations who formerly participated in some of the
undersigned’s past ventures and who are well positioned to participate in and/or financially assist with acquiring one or more new projects in various prospective areas holding the promise of new, world class
hydrocarbon discoveries. Once FIOC has assembled a well‐documented inventory of either proven or very prospective projects, the ultimate objective is to arrange an initial public offering, or merge FIOC
into an existing publically listed vehicle. The eventual plan is to arrange an equity placement in either Toronto and/or London since these are the two financial markets, which are traditionally very receptive
to promising new natural resource ventures.

Dan Idzal
Chairman + CEO